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PVA fiber is a water-soluble synthetic fiber made from high-quality polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with a high polymerization degree and processed using specific advanced technology. In the woolen industry, PVA fibers can be mixed with wool and spun to make fabrics. In the dyeing and finishing stage, by removing water-soluble fibers, the number of wool fibers can be added by up to 20%, resulting in lightweight, soft, fluffy, well-draped, and stretchable woolen fabrics. This not only improves the quality of wool but also brings new possibilities to the wool spinning industry.

In the cotton textile industry, PVA fiber is blended with cotton to form yarn and then knitted or machine-woven into fabric. In the post-processing stage, PVA fibers are removed to obtain a fabric with a thin, soft, and refreshing spinning style, as well as excellent wear performance such as moisture absorption, breathability, and comfort. This undoubtedly opens up new development directions for the cotton textile industry.


(PVA fiber)


PVA fiber, also known as polyvinyl alcohol fiber, is a water-soluble synthetic fiber.

The characteristics of PVA fiber:

  1. High strength and high modulus: PVA fibers have high strength and modulus, allowing them to effectively withstand external loads and maintain stability in their shape and size.
  2. Good wear resistance: PVA fiber has good wear resistance, making it suitable for situations that require repeated friction and wear.
  3. Good chemical corrosion resistance: PVA fiber has good stability to most chemical substances and is not easily corroded.
  4. Good insulation: PVA fiber has good insulation and is not easily conductive, making it suitable for making insulation materials.
(PVA fiber)

Application of PVA fiber:

  1. Textile field: PVA fiber can be blended with natural fibers such as wool to make various fabrics, such as sweaters, woolen yarn, knitwear, etc. Its excellent thermal insulation performance and softness have made it widely used in the textile industry.
  2. Medical and health field: PVA fibers can be made into various medical supplies, such as surgical gowns, bandages, masks, etc. Its good breathability and antibacterial properties make it favored in the medical field.
  3. Packaging field: PVA fiber has good moisture resistance, mold resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties and can be used to make various packaging materials, such as bags, films, paper, etc.
  4. Construction field: PVA fibers can be made into various building materials, such as wall panels, doors, windows, etc. Its excellent insulation and sound insulation performance have made it widely used in the field of construction.
  5. Agricultural field: PVA fiber can be made into various agricultural materials, such as non-woven fabrics, shading nets, etc. Its good breathability and durability have made it widely used in the farm field.
(PVA fiber)


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