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Damage And Maintenance Of The Front Wheel Rolling Bearings Of Automobile

wallpapers News 2020-05-18

The front wheel bearings of automobiles work under high temperature, high speed and high load conditions for a long time. After being used for a long time, they are often prone to wear, ablation, spots, cracks and fatigue peeling and other early damage. The damage forms of the front wheel rolling bearing of the automobile are: the contact pressure of the working surface of the bearing is too enormous, the surface wear and fatigue peeling off under load, this damage increases the axial and radial clearance of the bearing, generates noise during work, and destroys the other Match the correct position of the bearing. The wear under normal use conditions is not significant, but when mud or hard particles invade the bearing and the lubrication is insufficient, or the lubricating oil is deteriorated, it is easy to produce sharp wear and tear, increase the rolling surface clearance, deform, and damage the bearing and related parts. The regular operation of the bearing causes the rollers of the rolling bearing to rupture, scratch, and lose the spacer.

The assembly and adjustment of the bearing are weak, especially when the seat ring is too tight when it is mounted on the shaft, the method is not proper when disassembling, and the friction and wear are caused during the work, the rolling body is loosened and squeezed, and the bearing is damaged—bearing burn discolouration or rust. When the bearing is running, it is heated and annealed due to high temperature, and its surface is discoloured. Due to the insufficient amount of lubricating oil or the deterioration of the lubricating oil in the water, the bearing surface is oxidized and corroded. The rolling surface is exposed to alternating pressure for a long time, which often fatigues the metal and causes peeling.

Its service life is affected by many factors such as the selection of various parts materials, heat treatment specifications, cold working accuracy, and assembly adjustment. Due to the poor management of a few bearing manufacturers, the products failed to meet the technical standards of the bearings themselve.

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