Six major causes of bearing problems

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During the use of the bearing, it will cause failure due to various reasons, so that the equipment cannot be used normally. What are the reasons that cause the bearing to have problems?

Glue failure

Gluing failure usually occurs because of cementation, so what is cementing? How does cementation occur? Cementing refers back to the phenomenon that nearby metal on the surface adheres to every other steel surface. Cementing occurs because the bearing is constantly used at high pace and overload whilst the bearing is poorly lubricated, which reasons the bearing to face up to and generate heat. The temperature rises hastily in a quick time frame, inflicting burns and adhesion on the bearing floor;

Cracked bearings cause mechanical failure

Bearing cracking is one of the more common causes of bearing failure. Most of the bearing cracking is due to bearing cracking caused by excessive load. There is also the failure of bearing parts to crack if the installation is not handled properly, such as grinding, heat treatment, improper installation of the device, and excessive temperature, as well as installation specifications and installation sequence.

Failure due to damage to the bearing holder

Most of the damage to the sticking frame is caused by improper installation and use. Improper use and installation will deform the sticking frame. The deformation of the sticking frame will increase the resistance between it and the tumbling body. The tumbling will also cause the insistence frame to conflict with the internal bearings. If this damage is not handled in time or it will cause further addition of vibration, music, and heat, resulting in bearing damage;

Failure due to plastic deformation

The main cause of plastic deformation is because the bearing has been subjected to excessive impact loads or static loads, it may also be due to additional loads caused by thermal deformation, and it may be the indentation of the raceway surface caused by externally invaded high hardness objects or Scratches. The occurrence of this situation will purpose the bearing to emit violent vibration and noise at some stage in a strolling manner. If an indentation happens, it may motive floor elements similarly to fall off;

Bearing corrosion

Bearing corrosion is one of the essential issues going through bearings. The reason for bearing corrosion is because of the indirect intrusion of water, acid, and alkali. This corrosion is deadly to excessive-precision bearings and will reason the bearings to malfunction. This takes place due to the fact after the bearing stops working, the temperature of the bearing floor will drop under the dew point, and water molecules will condense into the water on the bearing floor to the purpose the bearing to be corroded. Some other form of corrosion is electric corrosion. The occurrence of electrical corrosion is the response between the current and the oil movie on the floor of the bearing. The oil film will spark and motive the bearing to be electrically corroded.

Wear of bearings

the wear of the bearing is specifically because of the invasion of dirt and impurities. The absolute motion of the raceway and the tumbling body will reason surface wear, in addition to the degree of lubrication. Poor lubrication will increase wear. This worn effect will increase the bearing gap, Make the bearing surface rougher, resulting in a reduction in bearing running accuracy. The reduction in bearing running accuracy will cause the machine's accuracy to decline and will make the machine's oscillation sound and noise greater.

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