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What Advantages does Spherical Silica Powder Have

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What is Silica Powder?

Quartz powder or silica powder is made from pure quartz (all-natural quartz or fused quartz) by crushing, selecting, cleansing, acid therapy, heat melting, crushing, fine grinding, as well as category, along with iron and other procedures processed to satisfy the requirements of making use of powder.

Silica is a kind of silicon oxide, chemical formula is SiO2, in nature is the most common quartz and numerous organisms. Silica is the primary element of sand. Silica is among the most intricate and also abundant households of materials, in the type of a range of mineral substances and artificial products. Significant examples consist of fused quartz, vapor silica, silica, opal, as well as aerogel.

It is utilized in architectural products, microelectronics (as electric insulators), and also parts in the food as well as pharmaceutical industries.

What is Spherical Silica Powder?

Round quartz powder has the advantages of a smooth surface area, large certain surface area, high firmness, and also steady chemical homes.

First off, the round powder has excellent fluidness, as well as the material is mixed into a film uniformly. The resin addition amount is little, as well as the filling amount of quartz powder is high. The mass portion can rise to 90.5%. The greater the filling quantity of quartz powder, the lower the thermal conductivity, the smaller sized the thermal development coefficient of the plastic sealing material, and also the closer to the thermal growth coefficient of monocrystal silicon, the far better the efficiency of the digital elements created.

Secondly, the stress and anxiety of spherical powder is only 60% of that of angular powder, and also the stress concentration of the plastic seal made from round quartz powder is the lowest as well as the stamina is the highest. Ultimately, the surface area of spherical powder is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the wear of the mold is little, and the service life of the mold and mildew can be expanded more than 1 times.

What is Spherical Silica Powder Used For?

Generally used as digital product packaging materials. The 3 primary products of electronic product packaging are substrate material, plastic securing material and also lead structure as well as solder. As a result of its affordable, simple procedure, and suitable for automation, plastic packaging has actually been developed swiftly considering that its birth, making up an increasing share in packaging, the existing plastic product packaging on the planet accounted for greater than 95% of the incorporated circuit market. Amongst the plastic packaging products, epoxy plastic product packaging (EMC) is the mainstream of integrated circuit product packaging, more than 95% of microelectronic parts utilize epoxy plastic sealing.

In microelectronic product packaging, the major needs of incorporated circuit packaging high moisture resistance, low tension, reduced alpha ray, dip resistance and reflow welding, good sealing efficiency process. Therefore, epoxy material have to be doped with inorganic fillers in the material matrix, the not natural fillers used today are virtually quartz powder. With the fast development of microelectronics market, massive, very large incorporated circuit is higher and higher to the demand of packaging materials, quartz powder, as a vital assistance of EMC materials not only its size adapt encapsulate specific extent, yet additionally the needs of its, high pureness, low material of radioactive components, specifically for the fragment form utilizing the spherical needs are put forward.

Spherical silicon powder not only has good condition, yet additionally has high chemical purity and reduced material of contaminated components, which can satisfy the technical requirements of premium incorporated circuits. It can considerably reduce the thermal development coefficient of plastic securing material, decrease its dielectric consistent, lower tension, considerably enhance the rigidity, put on resistance, climate resistance, influence resistance, compressive resistance, tensile resistance, wetness resistance, fire resistance, so that the items have excellent arc insulation resistance as well as uv radiation resistance.

In addition to being utilized in the area of electronic packaging, spherical quartz powder can also be extensively used in the manufacture of digital ink, optical fiber, state-of-the-art cosmetics, state-of-the-art accuracy porcelains, accuracy grinding of optical devices as well as digital parts, and also utilized as filler of special paint coatings, etc.

Spherical Silica Powder Price

The price is influenced by several aspects consisting of the supply and need out there, industry trends, financial task, market belief, and unexpected occasions.

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