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You want Process Performance Reports? - Provide Raw Data to BPOs First!

In talking to many BPOs, whether they are Captive or Third-Party, one thing that always comes up is that many BPO buyers write a lot of SLAs in to contracts but the BPO provider is not in a position to provide accurate performance reports on these SLAs because the Buyer will not arrange to give them raw data with which to produce these reports.

Many times, BPO service providers, improvise, collect performance data manually, and produce reports that may or may not reflect reality. Every KPI will be at 99.9% compliance while the BPO buyer looks at these reports and thinks - "What the h**k? I know the process is broken and I see 99.9% compliance?"

Well what do you expect? If the raw, verifiable, accurate data were not made available, then people will make up numbers on their own! There should be no surprise there.

It will be funny if it were not serious! This does not change whether the BPO service provider is a captive one or thirdparty one. Access to raw data at the point where services are provided is spotty at best. Only the most experiences BPO buyers know that the value of a contract with SLAs written on it is worthless if the process performance data does not come from the source applications running on servers in the US or UK with the buyer organization.

It's not like that the data is not there or not easily extractable. These tasks go into a deep, deep pool of IT backlogs at the BPO buyer organization. Meanwhile, Accounts Payable invoices need to be processed, mortgages need to be approved and orders need to be entered into the order management system at the remote BPO service provider location in India, Philippines or wherever they are done.

Performance reporting and arranging for raw data to be extracted and made available to the BPO service provider should be done at the time of writing the contract!

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