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Vote For Nandan Nilekani! Nice Guys Need Not Finish Last!

Nandan Nilekani who traded the comforts of a big corporate for a more demanding, tougher and often frustrating public office is in news again. All this while our super successful technocrat was busy with the babus, mending their style of work as Head of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Now as per the news reports he has been offered a congress ticket to contest next general elections from Bangalore South.Will he win? He should, given the kind of following he has in Bangalore as well as the respect he commands from educated class all over.


It is quite easy to become an armchair cynic and to comment on the state of affairs of the country however, it takes real guts for anyone to jump into electoral politics and take the mantle of cleaning the rot head on.


Firstpost.com says “It’s about time therefore that Nilekani poked his (much sharper) nose into the business of politics. There are things to be done beyond giving a billion Indians an unique identity number. And they need doers like Nilekani (not talkers like professional politicians) to get them done. Still, it helps to be in electoral politics. It lends legitimacy to actions which mere technocrats would never have. It also helps in the task of building the ‘coalitions’ necessary to affect change in complicated India.


If Nandan decides to take the plunge it will be encouraging for many others who prefer to sit on the sideline despite having the caliber to change the system. Though Nandan will not be the first one to initiate such a change, the credit must go to the likes of Arvind Kejriwal (ex commissioner of income tax, contesting New Delhi elections).


When good people do not join politics, someone else will step forward to fill the void. It is usually those who want to bend the system to suit their needs and requirements. We encourage such elements by not participating in electoral politics or by not exercising our right to vote for right candidates.


The real minority in our country is the class of honest, educated patriots. Unless these people come forward, contest elections, get the majority, only then India as a country will be taken seriously.


One may put a counter question that what if these people too get corrupted by the lure of power. Yes they may, no one can predict how anyone will behave in the future, however, given their track record these guys deserve a much needed chance than those who have betrayed us all in the past.


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Comment by Manish on April 11, 2014 at 8:09pm


Comment by Vishal Sharma on September 23, 2013 at 6:16pm

Yes....i support him.

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