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4 Quick Tips To Deal With Poor Job Appraisal!

A poor job appraisal is a definite put off and one of the main reason why agents quit. There can be many reason for a poor appraisal, ranging from performance to the current economic downturn period wherein many companies have stalled all the increments. Despite of all the factors, a poor appraisal is quite demotivating and leads to some serious change in behavior of an employee or influence his rational decision making.

Below are some tips on how to deal with such temporary setbacks.

1. Before you think about job change or turn into a grumpy employee, just introspect and try to find out reasons for the same. If possible talk to your team lead and try to understand his opinion on the possible negative feedback. If you have close confidante co-worker, seek their opinion too.


2. If you are convinced that the poor appraisal was unjustified, escalate the matter to HR. It is always a better idea to have an open and frank discussion with your Human Resource manager and try to clear all your doubts.


3. What if they say, that for the period you have been appraised, there has not been much to talk about and hence a below average appraisal. In such a case, take it as a challenge and treat it as an opportunity. The next thing you need to do is - target the period of next appraisal, take up some challenging assignments (which is in addition to your regular job profile) and prove your worth.


4. Many times it might not be possible to get the much talked about challenging assignment due to many external factors which are beyond your control. In such a scenario , the next best thing to do is-identify the learning opportunities. Upgrade your skills and education. This will help you not just in your next appraisal but also in your next job opportunity.


Keeping the above points in mind you can overcome any bad or below average job appraisal. Remember, Your career is your responsibility, no one else will walk that distance for you.


"Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career." -Abdul Kalam

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