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The Internet, Web and inexpensive telecommunications technoology has, and is changing the way work gets done. Distance no longer is a constraint! Scanned documents can be viewed across the globe and manual work done anywhere.

This ed to the BPO revolution that overtook the world about a decade or so ago, and the world is never going back to the way it was before!

However, it appears that even if business processes are not outsourced, Shared Services centers can streamline and cut waste in many companies for many functions. Support functions like accounting, finance, customer service could all be centralized and delivered in a much more efficient and effective way.

For example, supermarkets that have thousands of outlets may not need a resident HR or Accounting representative in each of the outlet. These days even things like computer support can be delivered very effectively, remotely. So instead of 3000 resident HR representatives, you may have about 500 or so centralized HR representatives serving the whole company.

Shared services are about to take off in a big way, just like BPOs were about a decade or more ago. They may not have the same negative publicity as outsourcing and offshoring have had, although it inevitably leads to layoffs as functions are centralized. Most shared services centers tend to be in the same country but consolidated in a low labor cost area bringing jobs to areas that may badly need them.

Enlightened shared service center management are beginning to realize that measurement, reporting, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are all becoming just important in their context as in the outsourcing context.

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