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My trip to the UK last week turned out to be a resounding success for KenCall and was a great sign for Kenya itself. From the interest it generated it’s clear we are really starting to get through to the right people, in the right areas. There was much more knowledge of Kenya in the outsourcing sphere and people were very open to finding out more.

In a whirlwind week I managed to meet numerous people from some of the UK’s top companies whilst also managing to speak to the BBC’s Focus on Africa magazine and attend a roundtable on social media – an important growth area. Keeping the momentum going is definitely working.

It is clear in the UK, Kenya is currently benefiting from its relative anonymity on the outsourcing stage. People are interested in hearing about exciting business and innovation springing from a country and continent better known for famine and political crisis.

We also had interest from existing outsourcers, who are increasingly looking at Kenya and its neighbours for partnerships, expansion and overflow work. They obviously recognise the potential of such an enthusiastic and well-educated workforce. As Kenyan infrastructure continues to strengthen, I expect to see a lot more of this kind of interest going forward from places like India and from companies creating captive centres.

The next steps? As I’ve said, KenCall is absolutely looking to build on the work we’ve already done throughout 2009. In fact, I’m likely to be scheduling another trip back to the UK in the next month or so to meet many more interesting people. We also have various marketing initiatives planned for the year to build awareness.

In the meantime it’s back to Kenya to continue the work we are doing with the BPO Council, the ICT Board and the BPO Society to build the industry back at home – enhancing infrastructure, raising awareness and creating the best environment for new BPO companies and inward investment. And though this will inevitably create more competition for KenCall – the more voices we have, the louder Kenya can shout.

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