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After Noon TV watching is an enlightening experience which everyone should go through provided they don’t have anything worse than this to do. While I wanted to gather a few bytes on the BPO industry I also switched through the different News channels because of the irresistible in-between ad break. Here is what I got to see - A political party (in India) hell bent on creating ruckus about a city’s ownership ( probably their forefathers leased it to the Government with a condition that their kids be allowed to create nuisance at will) another one, deeply interested in erecting their leader’s statues (to hell with development) and the last one made a sick industry (railways) look profitable by some out-of-the-box creative accounting…! (Who says Satyam's Raju was the last man on earth, to ride a tiger knowing fully well he couldn’t get off! )

While I was going through the thrilling experience of watching our politicians stooping to a new low, my zen moment occurred and an idea propped up! Politicians across the globe are viewed as corrupt, power hungry mongers who would do anything and everything to stay in power. Why can’t we outsource all our politicians to any other low cost destination? Most of the countrymen will be willing to bear their cost of outsourcing as it will be far less than what these guys make through financial scams, exorbitant taxes and god knows what not!

Now the question is where would they be outsourced to ?
Indians would like to outsource their politicians to Pakistan, Pakistan might outsource theirs to USA, USA might consider IRAQ and the buck may never stop. So we all might have reach a consensus to outsource this Special Species to a different planet far far away (even beyond PLUTO) along with a SLA that no matter what happens they will not be sent back!

I will definitely be interested in a survey which can show how many citizens across the globe favor such kind of outsourcing .Oh Yes, once we are done with these guys the next on the list will be the terrorists, followed by the great bankers (who saved us from the cost of watching “History channel” by making us relive the moments of the Great Recession, absolutely "LIVE"…)

As I was about to conclude this, I got a call from a friend of mine (who has been married for over 10 years) and when I told her about this post , she said if I can add HUSBANDS to the list too, it would be a great favour to many women out there : )

The list might be endless; though I will be interested in who do you have to add on to it and why?

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