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BPO Employees Opinion Survey 2009 - The key Findings

BPO Employees Opinion Survey 2009 attempted to study the general opinion of the BPO/Outsourcing professionals on various important issues like Layoffs, Job insecurity, Employee satisfaction etc. Many responses were on the expected lines barring a few findings, which gave us new areas of research for the future. Also, the findings of this survey helped us explore the probable pattern of the job related movement of these professionals, in the post recession scenario. The survey participants were mostly from India (64%), followed by UK (11%), USA (7%) and many other countries. Also, among those who responded 27% were from the senior level, 62% were from the middle level and the rest 11% were from the entry level.

The Key Observations :

1.The survey results pointed towards an important indicator - A high rate of attrition may be observed among the middle level executives, in the post recession scenario. It seems as if, the companies will have a tough time retaining their quality talent at the middle level as they were the one most eager to quit their present organization, as per as the survey results. Also, the middle level executives seemed to be under more stress in comparison to others which could have influenced their opinion regarding making a job change.

2.One of the positive findings of the survey was the larger acceptance among the outsourcing/BPO Professionals about the need to put a temporary cut on the expenses or to increase work pressure, in sync with the demand and requirement raised out of the unprecedented financial crisis. The respondents were sharply divided over using layoffs as a part of cost cutting strategy. Surprisingly the senior level respondents were the most vocal against it.

3.Majority of the respondents said they will recommend their company to their friends or relatives which indicated that, they still view their current organization as a trusted employer and haven't lost their faith in the management. However, the entry level respondents were not too enthusiastic about the same.

4.The survey results also reflected upon few areas of improvement including– The Need for consistent communication with the entry level executives. Many front line executives felt that the industry took undue advantage of the term recession and even those companies who remained profitable used it to cut expenses and block annual appraisals. There seems to be a considerable lack of communication from the higher management on various issues leading to unnecessary confusion and a heightened sense of insecurity among the entry level professionals.

5.Majority of the respondents believed that the current crisis could have been handled in a better way. They almost unanimously asked for more accountability from the top level including the CEOs. Also majority of them, thought that their industry has performed relatively better than others.

6.There were a few surprise findings like many respondents especially those at the middle level advocated, that the job insecurity is directly proportional to better production, which implied that a bit of job insecurity is desired and acceptable, in order to get increased productivity from the employees.

Overall, the survey gave us a pretty decent idea of the opinion of the outsourcing professionals across the levels. It also provided us, with few important leads along with some areas of improvement, so that the companies can be better prepared for the post recession scenario.

The data collected was examined by Infinit-O (A leading, Philippine based BPO company) and Magdalena Szarafin (Chairman of IAS/IFRS Practice Committee at German CPA Society) along with Team BPOVoice.Com

Below is the complete survey report attached. Go through it and feel free to share your feedback !
BPO Employees Opinion Survey 2009.pdf

or read it here

BPO Employees Opinion Survey 2009

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