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Anti outsourcing sentiment: More on hype, Low on substance

An average american thinks that outsourcing is all about handling phone calls for technical support and chasing people with outstanding credit card payments. The fact of the matter is this a highly flawed notion. the business process outsourcing industry in india is $16 billion business (as per nasscom) and is growing in all the imaginable segments from a low end customer support job to high end research project. BPO in itself is a very small part of outsourcing. It expands to ITO (IT outsourcing), RPO, LPO and so on.


As per the last available data as per nasscom - IT services – which includes not only application development and maintenance but also testing, infrastructure management and system integration, and all the other stuff you think of your in-house IT guy as doing – grew 19 percent this fiscal year to account for exports of $40 billion.


Despite of current rhetoric against outsourcing, nothing much would change - because of very simple economics: Companies move work to places where labor is cheap.

Outsourcing does not happen due to tax breaks or any other financial benefit which such companies receive from the state. They do it improve their revenues and cut the overall cost of operations. Point is demonizing Indian workers and promoting a kind of xenophobia isn't going to make any changes to the way business is being conducted worldwide. It is being done to appease the vote bank which otherwise would vote elsewhere.


An average american will find it hard to accept that his job is being outsourced. The need of the hour is for the government to make them understand that this is a transitional phase, such jobs will be outsourced however, what is more important is to understand that new kind of jobs will be created and all the americans needs to be prepared for it. As always, government needs to take the initiative to prepare new america for contemporary challenges, simply bashing third world countries won't help.

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