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Why Hosted Call-centers Are A Better Bet As Compared To Premise-based Contact Center?

There is an issue with the laptop settings. The balance in your mobile phone keeps reducing without making any calls. There seems to be a problem with the defrosting property in the refrigerator and so on and so forth. What do you do? You pick up the mobile phone dial the customer care number and hope you receive a solution for your problem.…


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Vote For Nandan Nilekani! Nice Guys Need Not Finish Last!

Nandan Nilekani who traded the comforts of a big corporate for a more demanding, tougher and often frustrating public office is in news again. All this while our super successful technocrat was busy with the babus, mending their style of work as Head of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Now as per the news reports he has been offered a congress ticket to contest next general elections from Bangalore South.Will he win? He should, given the kind of…


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Why TollFreeForwarding.com is the Best Bet in Virtual Numbers and Call Forwarding Services!

In the past, we have written in detail about how virtual toll free numbers can help you attract new customers. Needless to say, these numbers hold significant importance as they can expand your business at breakneck speed. One question you may have is how to select a provider of toll free numbers and call forwarding services.


As per our experience and internal analysis we advise you to go only with those who have a reasonable reputation, years of…


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Why IT Hiring Will Be Down By 17% In India, This Year?

This may not sound great in the middle of a recession, however, fact of the matter is, IT Hiring will take a hit this fiscal year. Nasscom the industry body talked to PTI and said the main factors behind the decline can be attributed to rising automation and low attrition due to economic uncertainty. In exact terms, it is expected to decline up to 17 percent, which means new hires will get restricted to 150,000.


As per the industry estimate, the…


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How TollFreeFowarding.com Saved the Day For Shutterstock During Superstorm Sandy!

Do You Remember, October 29, 2012?

America will not forget October 29, 2012, in a hurry. The weather department had predicted one of the deadliest and most destructive storms ever for the East Coast. Several major commuter subway tunnels got closed down. Widespread power cuts were reported. At many places basements got flooded and elevators stopped working. Emergency services started receiving 10,000 calls every half an hour. Mayors urged those…


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BPO India Forum 2013: Be a part of India’s Largest BPO Gathering!

As you know, BPOVoice always keeps track of all the important events related to the outsourcing and call center industry like forums, conferences, seminars and so on. Many people usually ask us if it is really worth attending such events? Our answer is an emphatic yes!


Networking events act as ice breakers, introduce you new people, open up new arenas of opportunities. Such events also improves your visibility and thus evokes more confidence in your…


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"Creativity and Innovation Are The Currency Of The 21St Century" - Paul Peixoto, President, The Serra Group

More and more responses are pouring in for our ongoing series “Biggest Challenge of My Domain”. Paul Peixoto, President of The Serra Group, shares his set of challenges which he faces and gives a practical advice on how to overcome them. Below is the full text of his compelling piece.


"With all the great technology we have today, anyone can become your competitor…


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"Every Aspiring Individual Should Take Control Of One's Career And Not Depend On Fate!" - Sidharth Mukherjee, Director, Corporate Development, Serco Global

In continuation of our ongoing series “Biggest Challenge of My Domain” we have another gem of a contribution from Sidharth Mukherjee, Director, Corporate Development, Serco Global, sharing the biggest challenge, he has faced in his career so far. Below is the full text of his very well articulated response.


"The biggest challenge I have faced in my 13 year career has…


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The Most Sustained Challenge I Have Faced Is That Of "Short Term Thinking" - Nick Davies, Sourcing Advisor, Source

Nick Davies, Sourcing advisor at Source, chips in his two cents in our ongoing series – Biggest Challenge Of My Domain! Below is the full text of his insightful input!


"My career today is based in the advisory industry. The most sustained challenge I have faced is that of tactical, short term thinking. Whether driven by the economic climate, by a corporate ethos or by individuals, the result is broadly…


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There will be good days and bad, but if there is a strong focus, the outcomes will astound you! - Purnima Menon, Ex Head of marketing, Infosys BPO

In response to our latest series of short interviews on "Biggest Challenge of My Domain", Purnima Menon, Ex Head Of Marketing, Infosys BPO,  shares  her story of  challenging journey so far! Below is the full text of her spirited saga.


"To my mind challenges are really opportunities. Opportunities to transform, learn a new skill or simply find out a better way of solving an issue. My…


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Is Manila Outshining New Delhi in IT outsourcing?

According to a latest news report, Philippines is strengthening its position as a leading alternative IT outsourcing destination.

The report said, Manila moved to third place behind Bangalore and Mumbai on the list, replacing Delhi and breaking India’s monopoly of the top three spots. Furthermore, another Philippine municipality, Cebu City climbed one place to number eight on the list while five of the country’s other centers made it into the top 100.…


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Outsourcing Industry Hoots for Mitt Romney as US President: BPO Voice Poll

Mitt Romney has appeared as a preferred choice as USA President of the outsourcing industry in an opinion poll conducted by BPOVoice an online community of the outsourcing professionals. The poll was conducted online. In total 341 people participated in this online poll. Most of the respondents were from the age group 30-40, majority of them were from Asia especially from the middle management.


The key findings were

  • Majority of the…

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Why Outsourcing makes good business sense & can even help end recession once and for all!

In support of our ongoing campaign, From No Outsourcing to Know Outsourcing our friends at Software-Russia have published a compelling piece in support of why outsourcing makes a strong business sense. Below is the text of their argument on why politics shouldn’t interfere in business practices and why outsourcing will continue to have its way.


With outsourcing a hot political topic during the current run-up to the US elections in November, it’s worth…


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Cloud Computing Not Obama is the Real Threat to Outsourcing!

Austerity is a fact of life for IT managers everywhere. No longer is it just a matter of doing more with less; organizations are increasingly seeking growth through innovation, and cost cutting in isolation is a game of diminishing returns. In this environment, we’re seeing a move to Smartsourcing. 

Cloud computing and the growth in flexible, rich services have transformed the concept of outsourcing, sparking an evolution in the…


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8 Factors to consider while Selecting An Offshore Outsourcing Company

When it comes to decide an outsourcing partner one needs to be ultra careful as that relationship is bound to have a deep impact on a company’s reputation among its end customers. Having said that, a company needs to see many factors including profitability which is usually the prime reason for such a move. Despite of this many a times a client’s and a vendor’s relation turn sour which raises doubts about the concept though essentially it is the question of vendor selection. If a client has…


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BPO India Forum 2012: Powering the Indian BPO Industry - May 9th - Delhi (The Westin, Gurgaon)

E18, the events arm of Network 18, is organising a one-day forum titled, “BPO INDIA FORUM 2012” on 9th and 11th May 2012. At the conference we hope to discuss the opportunities and challenges that the industry will face and need to overcome in some of the fruitful sessions with the industry and thought leaders.


Key Topics of Discussion


* For CEOs: Driving non-linear growth - do we have a business model?

* For COOs: and…


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Top 5 Factors Responsible for a Successful Offshore Company

It is true that outsourcing offers immense benefits to companies. However before availing the services of an offshore company there are certain factors that need to be considered. Keep in mind that you enjoy vast choices in this regard and therefore you have the liberty to consider these factors so that you can be sure that you are associated  with an offshore company that perfectly suits your requirement. One important…


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Strategies for cost effective shared services operations

China is definitely a critical piece in the global strategies of most multinational companies.The amount of investments into China is growing rapidly and with it, the need for cost-effective shared-services networks to ensure seamless operations across offices in different regions and boundaries.



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Must Attend Event : SSO Week India 2011

Dear Members, 

You all are cordially invited for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week India, to be held in Bangalore from Dec 05 - Dec 8, 2011. This event provides you, one of the best opportunities to meet some of the most respected industry leaders and top executives to help you promote your business where it matters the most. Mark the Dates and freeze your calendar right now. Below is the message from the event organizers :



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Why Outsourcing Isn't Always A Four-Letter Word

We've seen a systematic shrinking of the entire economy and anemic growth that has had disastrous effects world-wide. One of the biggest problems that we face is a lack of entrepreneurship which is the backbone of our economy. Yes, there are many businesses that are the foundation of what makes our country work, but it's the small business owner that keeps the economy growing. Right now, there's little or no growth and it's hurting everyone. Outsourcing is one of the answers to this growth…


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