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5 factors to be considered to select a location for a financial shared service center (FSSC)

The factor personnel (both: quality and quantity) is even more important today than a few years ago. Corporations tend to locate their shared services operations in the locations where they have an access to the pool of high-qualified specialists at an optimal cost level.

According to one of the newest PwC study Financial shared service center on the…


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Berlin is calling !

Today I have got a message from IQPC in Berlin, which I want to share with you: there is a possibility to win 5 guest tickets for the Shared Services & Outsourcing Woche (event taking place from 21 until 24 November 2011 in Berlin, Germany).

What are you supposed to do?

Do you speak German? / Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If so, welcome to the club ! Then it… Continue

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We have been nominated….

As I have been contacted by the German IQPC office a few days ago and asked if they could nominate me for the Award for Excellent Personal Achievements in the Shared Services Industry, I just could not say no !

I have decided to pay attention on my blog on… Continue

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How about IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe?

5 experts interviewed, over 240 companies operating in 16 CEE countries surveyed, and much much more. These are the headlines of the comprehensive “Central and Eastern IT Outsourcing Review 2010” which has been currently published.

This 164-page-report examines the role of ITO sector in Central and Eastern Europe and delivers answers regarding recession and its impact on ITO sector, market volume, development in number of companies and their characteristics, number of IT…


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Kaizen makes things better: Slowly, step by step and every day

Do you know the story about burnt toast? What are you going to do if your making toast process results in an unacceptable (or: uneatable) slice of toast? Would you put another slice on and try it once again? Scrape the toast to make it eatable? Complain to the canteen staff? Would it not be much simpler for you just to fix the settings on the toaster? If your answer is close to “yes”, then welcome to the club and let me introduce a concept named kaizen.

Kaizen is… Continue

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Shared services: Why? How? What for and how long?

Process standardization, simplification, harmonization, cost management, achieving synergies, common systems, practices and ways of doing things, common technology – that is all what can be delivered using shared services. Let’s briefly analyze some statistics delivered by surveys undertaken on shared services

1 or 5? – How many shared service centers in use?

Almost 50% of international corporations with shared services use just one shared service center (SSC) and… Continue

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(Almost) perfect, at less cost and applicable in the outsourcing and shared services industry

Good quality does not cost – it pays. But many companies do not recognize it as they do not know how much things cost due to missing cost calculation in many areas. And that is the reason why it usually takes a long time for them to think their processes over and to implement simple measures assuring reduction in cost of delivering customer satisfaction. The latest one does not have to be as high as the cost of materials!

Good, better, (almost) perfect… – there is always a… Continue

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Shared services: friends, that is really not just about cost!

An old stereotype, common-known (in a new scenario of the global financial crisis): We implement BPO or shared sevices (SSC) solutions as we want to cut cost. And the global economic crisis would just support that way of thinking (and doing things). However, things are not as simple as they… Continue

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New game - new luck: New challenge the outsourcing community faces

Our growing outsourcing community has just started a new year. Hopefully a year full in challenges, new brilliant ideas and great opportunities. And we tend to set our objectives at the beginning of the year. But… At the end of the year we sometimes realize that the objectives have not been achieved. No time? No motivation? Inconvenient circumstances? Any other reason?

How many… Continue

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Small is beautiful (and powerful)

Small is not just beautiful but it also can be powerful. A small country with population amounting to around 16 millions inhabitants can be one of the largest world economies and able to have one of the highest GDP per capita. And below 4% unemployment rate at the same time. It is not cheap but it attracts investments. And (of course!) shared service centers among them. And… it is really worth… Continue

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Want to create new jobs? Use outsourcing!

An old dilemma: Offshore outsourcing vs. labor market. To be or not to be? – to outsource or not? The opposers are of the opinion that outsourcing produces unemployment. It is quite easy to say. In fact, outsourcing lets to improve the situation on labor market. Let’s analyze the findings of one of the latest studies.

A research team led by… Continue

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Reverse outsourcing: Case study Infosys Technologies

Offshore outsourcing has paid back. That has been shown by many Indian companies which have originally been established as local business organizations and now expand internationally, being global giants and creating jobs in these countries where they traditionally have been outsourced from. Infosys,… Continue

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Managed services - it’s much more than outsourcing

Managed services… You have already heard about this concept, haven’t you?

Just in one sentence: Good – cheap – fast: You can have two of them

Managed services is a concept implying a form of outsourcing without assets and/or personnel transfer. The value added (a service) is offered for money and the service provider bears the risk and is also responsible for managing of the service. Which means: The buyer does not have to do anything more…

“One… Continue

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Outsourcing? What will people say?

You know what? It really does not look well: Public opinion does not like outsourcing. That has also been confirmed by many surveys, e.g. the latest survey by Capgemini: A majority of executives (79%) recognize that outsourcing may have a poor public perception as the survey says

How do… Continue

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Shared services and fastfood: Insourcing meets McDonald's

The story begins in 1940 – that time Dick and Mack McDonald opened McDonald’s Bar-B-Que restaurant in San Bernardino, California. The food offered has to be: always fresh, always looking and tasting the same way and basic – burger, cheeseburger, fries, shakes… But: What does that all actually have to do with shared services?!

“Real good and still only 15¢”? I am not going to tell you that your service should start with 15 cent rate as that was in one of the first McDonald’s… Continue

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Made by Ford: How much Ford there is in a Ford?

Yes, the title sounds complicated, I know. But it is very simple as such: It is about the discussion “make or buy” and the proportion made/bought in a car. And it is for both parties: The “fans” of outsourcing and those who are sceptical about outsourcing as a business strategy. And it is not just for people liking cars… Let’s start then (and try to build a small car – or imagine how it can be built)

Focus on what gives your company its…

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Well-educated, international and successful

Diversity is the key to success: the most brilliant and amazing ideas and discoveries are made at the border of two – sometimes being far away and contrasting – disciplines. And international teams achieve even 20% more productivity than those consisting of members of just one nation

You know it, don’t you: a German company acquires an Indian one – or vice versa. Or they build a facility together. Or representatives of many nations do a… Continue

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Outsourcing is people's business: Meeting Indescon

Is outsourcing model something new for you? Do you have to deal with it – and think how to influence key employees? Or maybe you have problems with not clearly defined goals and objectives in an outsourcing engagement? Or… Maybe you like Murgh Dansek or Alu Channa Masala and want to extend your… Continue

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Looking for investors? – Just be attractive!

Yes, that is as simple as described. If you want somebody to invest in your country, just make it attractive. Which means: Try to anticipate investors’ needs and prepare suitable conditions for them.

Location, location, location…

Centralizing business operations, companies decide to outsource or insource them. Establishing a shared service center (SSC) or a… Continue

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Can you really feel secure?

The Japanese film "The Seven Samurai" co-written, edited and directed by Akira Kurosawa is a story about attack on a small village. After the desperate villagers have realized that they do not have enough money for weapons or for the warriors to wield them, they have decided to use services of seven unemployed samurai offering them three meals a day for protecting… Continue

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