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Featured Blog Posts – December 2009 Archive (20)

Top 50 Blog Posts On Outsourcing on BPOVoice in 2009

In our effort to bring you the “Best of content” published across BPOVoice, we are producing a list of Top 50 blog posts on outsourcing published on BPOVoice.com We are grateful to our featured bloggers including occasional contribution from others who guided the community by their thought leadership through their high experience and deep industry knowledge. The list assembled will refresh your memories of all the good, bad and the interesting stories from the outsourcing industry that happened… Continue

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TOP 10 Interviews on BPOVoice in 2009

BPOVoice has always attempted to bring you the best of articles, blogs, discussions and interviews from the outsourcing industry to enrich your knowledge and to give a third dimension to the conventional views on outsourcing business. Now as 2009 is coming to an end we intend to bring you the best of content published on bpovoice.com

First in the list is - The best of interviews published on BPOVoice Feel free to share these link among your friends and invite them so that we… Continue

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Sustainable BPO, an opportunity for suppliers

Usually sustainability is thought of as cutting down CO2 emissions and planting more trees. But sustainability is more than just acquiring a green image. It is another way to look at your own company, the external environment and thus also your sourcing strategy. Organizations can actually profit from better financial results by a smart application of the modern aspects of this theme. An example:

A large oil and gas company outsourced a part of its BPO activities to Asian supplier.… Continue

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Indian companies are ready to experiment with new game changer models to beat their competition ! - Milind Godbole, President of Operations, Asia Pacific, Aditya Birla Minacs

Aditya Birla Minacs has come up with an innovative business model- 'Connect India ' for the evolving business scenario wherein the main growth in the Indian telecom sector will come from tier 2/3/4 towns with lower Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). This new model is essentially a hub and spoke model and has taken care of the costing challenges in addition to the accent diversity management.BPOVoice spoke with Milind Godbole, President of Operations - Asia Pacific, Aditya…


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You want Process Performance Reports? - Provide Raw Data to BPOs First!

In talking to many BPOs, whether they are Captive or Third-Party, one thing that always comes up is that many BPO buyers write a lot of SLAs in to contracts but the BPO provider is not in a position to provide accurate performance reports on these SLAs because the Buyer will not arrange to give them raw data with which to produce these reports.

Many times, BPO service providers, improvise, collect performance data manually, and produce reports that may or may not reflect reality.… Continue

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The (miss)uses of third party statements like SAS70

Companies outsourcing activities to a third party need to think about suitable mechanisms to understand the control environment of the service providers. A popular, expensive and often misused tool to achieve this insight is by a Statement on Auditing Standards number 70 (SAS 70) report.

SAS 70 is based on SAS 55 (Consideration of Internal Control in a Financial Statement Audit) and on the Committee of Sponsoring Organisations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework. SAS 70… Continue

Added by Francois Zielemans on December 23, 2009 at 3:15pm — No Comments

Small is beautiful (and powerful)

Small is not just beautiful but it also can be powerful. A small country with population amounting to around 16 millions inhabitants can be one of the largest world economies and able to have one of the highest GDP per capita. And below 4% unemployment rate at the same time. It is not cheap but it attracts investments. And (of course!) shared service centers among them. And… it is really worth… Continue

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Post SEACOM Fibre launch, Kenyan BPO on the Prowl !

Business Process Outsourcing firms have been eyeing Kenya’s connection to the undersea fibre optic cables for new vast business opportunities. The undersea fibre optic cables made its debut in the costal city of Kenya –Mombasa in June 2009. The $82 million submarine fibre optic cable links the Mombasa coast with Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. It has an initial capacity of 40 Gbit per second which…


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Small things big result Part-1


Employ satisfaction plays a vital role in a successful business.Attrition has always been a big drawback for the indian BPO industry, being one of the highly payed industries this is the only reason we couldn't make it the first choice of employment and This is the only industry where people come to utlize their summer vacation. Since the industry hasn't gained reputation so far the way of working in The BPO industry is very casual.To avoid mistakes we have to rely on our Call… Continue

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When Scandals Embroil Outsourcing Firms

It seems like when outsourcing companies do damage control, they go all out. This is following Accenture’s (NYSE:ACN) recent decision to drop Tiger Woods from… Continue

Added by Outsourcing Insider on December 19, 2009 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

A Highly Automated Process with Waste is still a Bad Process!

Many times, BPO service providers throw away a golden opportunity during transitioning business processes from customers.

They take a bad process, transition it well and execute it well, with all the waste inside the process still intact!

This is called by C.K.Prahlad, the management guru from Michigan, "paving the cowpath". Cows meander through a meadow in a convoluted meandering pattern, people start walking back and forth and pretty soon it becomes a foot path. If you… Continue

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December Begins with Outsourcing Contracts A-Plenty

If the first few days of a month can be an indication of how well an industry can perform by the months’ end, then this December ’09 should be a great month for the outsourcing industry –bar any mishap of course. Aside from ushering in the holiday season, several different outsourcing companies have ushered in lucrative agreements since the start of… Continue

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More selective IT sourcing in continental Europe

A recent survey by Colemen Parks shows that 90% of senior decision makers believe that the business cycles remain very volatile in the coming years and 80% believe that their organizations should become more flexible in their approach of business and technology.

Business agility and common sourcing practices in IT are two words which are drifting apart. And the gap between both worlds increases only with the current pressures on cost (see also this… Continue

Added by Francois Zielemans on December 14, 2009 at 3:56pm — 2 Comments

Tech Companies IBM, Xerox and Dell Run After Business Process Outsourcing Firms

In an aggressive attempt of major technology manufacturing firms to diversify its markets for more consistent revenue streams, they have been buying and bidding for business process outsourcing services firms.

Last month alone, technology giants Xerox (NYSE:XRX) and Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) have reported their acquisition of services companies, Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (NYSE:ACS) and Perot Systems Corporation… Continue

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Stop the Indian interlopers?

They took our jobs! Cry the detractors. Thousands of UK jobs are simply disappearing as big “Indian” (insert outsourcing location as applicable) outsourcers continue do our work at lower cost. They even start work five and a half hours before us – how can we possibly compete?

It seems the battle lines are being drawn again as we stare into another encroaching protectionist maelstrom. Just this week we have seen silicon.com release its annual offshoring survey, finding that ‘47.5 per… Continue

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" Protectionism doesn’t make economic sense, nor does it help create jobs. " Partha De Sarkar – CEO, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited

BPOVoice talked to Partha De Sarkar – CEO Hinduja Global Solutions limited (HGSL) on various important issues that the industry is facing in the midst of turbulent times.Below is the second part of the two part series.

What do you have to say on the much talked about protectionist approach against outsourcing? Protectionism as a policy is closely aligned with anti-globalization, and contrasts with free trade. It violates the… Continue

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“We didn’t miss the (Satyam’s buyout) bus. We let it go ! ” Partha De Sarkar – CEO, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited

Hinduja Group is one of the largest diversified groups in the world spanning the globe. Their foray into the BPO business started in the year 2000 with one client and 25 employees. Today, Hinduja Global Solutions has 23 delivery centers with around 15,000 employees across the US, Canada, Mauritius, the Philippines and India all working towards creating leaders out of their clients. BPOVoice talked to Partha De Sarkar – CEO Hinduja Global Solutions limited…


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Why is Business Transformation important to a BPO company?

We hear the words "Business Transformation", "Moving Up the Value Chain", etc in IT/ITES circles, especially in India.

Are those just marketing spin messages or the latest buzzwords that need to be mindlessly repeated, just because the other guy is using them in their pitches and literature?

Business Transformation and Moving Up The Value Chain will prove to be true saviors in the IT/ITES space when competition based on price creeps up from other countries like Vietnam and… Continue

Added by Nari Kannan on December 7, 2009 at 3:30pm — No Comments

Wipro to Rebuild Brand-Identity; Focus Is More on Ecology and Education than IT

Wipro’s ‘Santoor’ happens to be the third largest selling soap in India, but few in India are aware of this particular connection. World’s one of the top notch IT solution providers, Wipro is on its way to correct its image, which it considers too much technology-centric. And all these rethinking and planning started to take shape, after the company slipped from 5th position to the 8th in this year’s Brand Finance list of top 50 brands in India. Expressed as percentage, this was 28% erosion in… Continue

Added by Niyamath Parveez on December 4, 2009 at 2:13pm — 1 Comment

Outsourcing Europe

The NOA attended the launch of the EOA’s Spanish chapter this week, EOA Espaňa. Hosted in Madrid by Repsol, the Spanish oil company, the meeting marks a new chapter in the story of outsourcing Europe and globalisation as a whole. The NOA is proud to be a part of this ongoing narrative, having been around for over 22 years now. The reason why this is such an exciting occasion is that the launch is part of something bigger – a signal of the coming together of the EOA’s separate chapters, that… Continue

Added by Martyn Hart on December 1, 2009 at 3:55pm — 5 Comments

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