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Featured Blog Posts – November 2011 Archive (6)

How Offshoring is contributing to Indian foreign exchange?

Offshoring has emerged as a very powerful business helping the economy of many countries. Several countries are realizing its importance after the success of India and China and are developing infrastructure and technology to attract foreign investors. Offshoring is basically a relocation of business processes of a certain company from one country to another. Cost reduction is usually the primary objective but there can be other reasons also. After the liberalization and globalization…


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India vs. Philippines - Which is a better destination for outsourcing?

Undoubtedly, both India and Philippines are big players in the outsourcing business and there is a lot of competition going around for the projects and over the future. Philippines has emerged as a threat to both India and China. However, this competition has also helped the overall quality of outsourcing industry to grow. Both these countries are working very hard to deliver quality wise and quantity wise. India is a world leader in outsourcing but is the trend changing? Which is a…

Added by Pooja Sharma on November 28, 2011 at 12:01pm — 1 Comment

The Ten Most Important BPO Companies In India

India being one of the most favored destinations for business process outsourcing has several giant BPO players who collectively are responsible for the tremendous growth of this sector. According to the estimates of 2005, India’s BPO industry had grown by 44 percent compared to the previous year. Not to mention that competitors like China, Malaysia, Philippines etc are still trying very hard to beat India but for now India seems to be leading their way. So what are the ten most important…

Added by Priya Verma on November 25, 2011 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

Why China's shared services sector is only set to grow

In a session straight out of SSON China - Suzhou Conference, Langdon Wu, Head of Sourcing & Procurement, Asia for Thomson Reuters explains the common challenges in process re-engineering & outsourcing. He also talks about the untapped opportunities and tells us why shared services and outsourcing in China is only going to get bigger.

Download the podcast to get the full insights.

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Why outsourcing will always remain in demand?

Undeniably, outsourcing has really benefited the receiving countries. Countries like India, China, Bulgaria, etc have developed their infrastructure tremendously to match up with the outsourced projects. The employment scenario has also been better for these countries. However, it is not that only these countries have benefited from outsourcing, the foreign investors are also very happy to outsource and work. It is a mutual thing which has benefited both the provider and receiver. There may…


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Why outsourcing is important for India?

India remains one of the most favored outsourcing destinations in the world. The western countries are increasingly willing to outsource jobs to countries like India, Indonesia, China and Bulgaria. The reasons are very clear, companies get cost benefits and control over the project. But the most important question is: Why India? And How India managed to top the list of outsourcing locations for western giants? Actually, India offers quality, a better infrastructure, liberal policies for…


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