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Joe Biden Vs. Romney - The Outsourcing Blame Game begins.

This will not be music to the ears of Indian outsourcing industry. The anti outsourcing pitches are reaching high decibels and making more often than not, to the front page. The latest being - US Vice President Joe Biden accusation to Mitt Romney, the front-runner Republican presidential candidate, of outsourcing jobs to India when he was the Governor of Massachusetts .


As per the news report available, Biden upping the ante against Mitt Romney, claimed Millions of dollars flowed to India due to his favorable policies towards off shoring jobs. He said that in a campaign speech delivered in Davenport, Iowa. He further added that Massachusetts lost manufacturing jobs twice as fast as the rest of the country . Obama's Tax relaxations helped companies who operates in US whereas his policies favored those who outsourced.


Romney is leading among the Republican presidential aspirants to bag the party’s nomination to challenge Barack Obama in the elections to be held in November.


Anti outsourcing shouts are nothing new and will further increase as campaigning intensifies. Joe biden, has always been a die hard, Obama's supporter, cheerfully playing his second fiddle and can afford to be more vocal against outsourcing.


As far as the ground reality is concerned, we all know that outsourcing is here to stay and countries need to think something more creative to save and create jobs instead of harping on antioputsourcing speeches.

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