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Many contact centers are struggling with the problem of attracting the right kind of talent at the right cost! The question is how? Here are the few solutions, do add yours if you any other than listed here.

Catch them young – tie up with schools and colleges.

Improve the overall branding of the industry to attract top talent.

Remain active on social media – keep improving your talent base.

Recruit non-traditional workers like  retirees or  housewomen.

Offer work from home opportunities.



What do you have to say on it?

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I think you're points are valid here but I believe the true solution to the problem is eductaion. If you employ call centre staff at a young age then the idea is that they are still receptive to learning new things better and in turn become better operators. Call centre outsourcing seems to be a good option also as companies will use the above method to ensure that they are clued up on the clients products/services to the full before even picking up the phone.


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