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here we would be compiling a lsit of rebuttals used in various situations. You need to write down the first the situation, then the rebuttal used.
Lets start with NO money...

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I would start with ...How do you manage your expenses...the dig around for his source of money....then...advd him to arrange the funds...
well i tackle it by letting them know the future consequences....
i say
You will never have for your debts, You will always be required to arrange money for debts. If you cant do it now, how will you do it later when your debt would have increased to unmanageable limites.

When they still give excuses..
Tell them point blank..
Stop giving excuses
I can give better excuses why not to pay this up..Point is do u have intentions to pay or not….
8 of 10 would say yes
Then tell them to put some credibility to their intentions…..offer options… payment in parts..or GFP [good faith payment]
If they still keep on going round n round let them know u would be marking a refusal to pay on their acct…Now many might get defensive at this.. they would say they aren’t refusing to pay..tell them you aren’t paying it either…
However one may even get to see many customers who would say they don’t care..mark whatever you want.. that when you need to hit them below the belt…Now when start doing it..they either enter some kind of argument with you or simply hang up….
U aim at this point of time should be to keep them engage in your conversation..not letting them to hang up….
If they hang up..that’s ok..you couldn’t have done much into it…If they don’t you have a chance to crack them…Provocation might not help..however letting them introspect might do the trick

One thing..which you might be thinking is all this easier said than doing..well you are right.. all these things needs practice…
You are playing a mind game with your debtors…your tone..your statements and your voice are your weapon…
Shouting wont help…Logic works better than bullying…
Show them the logic..a sound reason in a firm tone many would toe your line not necessarily in one call..but subsequently..however when you shout or try to bully them what you get is hang up..or disconnected #s or no answers..
In my humble opinion

It’s a psychological fight fought with words
It’s important to make the other party understand about what are you saying..to put your message across you need to make them hear you or talk to you..
Don’t be in a rush to offer a settlement offer at first instance..I have seen collectors who start the call with a settlement offer…you may end up getting more collections in terms of #s however in terms of volume. i.e. dollar amount collected its hits you hard…
Remember all your skill set is as good as till the time the debtor listens to you..if he doesn’t pick up your call..he doesn’t calls you back [ it doesn’t matter how many harsh messages u leave on their VM]
Or simply the moment you are through your mm td..he hangs up..all your skill set goes for a toss.
So the Golden rule is..
Don’t yell, and don’t to be extremely polite.
Lots of logical resoning in an assertive tone..
Come what may nothing rules like LUCK...
U have same situations..u use same rebuttals..still some crack....and most dont...
Do u intend to summarize it and make it a kind of a resource article.........
let's have group dedicated to this section and use forums for each rebuttal .........


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