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Healthcare form processing

Sign up directly with US End Client with Payment guarantee by 6 Months Project Value Payment in Escrow Account.

New Campaign Details: Health Care Form Filling with Escrow Account Payment Guarantee.

Pay Out : $4.00 Per Form

Payment Cycle : Weekly/Forth Nightly

Minimum Commitment : 200 forms per day | Max 700 Form (Initially)

No. of System: Depends on Center

TAT : 24 hrs

Submission : Online Portal

Client : US

Sign up: Direct Sign Up with US Client

Domain : Insurance and health Care

Contract Period : 11 Months
Payment Guarantee: By Escrow Account
Commercials : yes

Project: Medical Billing Database Support.

Description: Data Sheets will be provided in xls format.

Contents of which need to copied and pasted in the client's Online Portal.

Pay Rate: $800 per seat.

Work Load: 3000-3500 forms per system.

Source: USA.

Contract Duration: 12 months.

Billing: First billing after 30 days.

Accuracy: Above 99% for full payment.

Between 98%-98.99%- 85% payment.

Between 96%- 97.99%- 60% payment.

Between 95%-95.99%- 50% payment.

Payment Mode: Wire Transfer in INR.

Pilot Batch: Minimum 10 seats.
Commercials : 3 slots available, 6 lakhs per slot 6 reference centers available in India


Project: Image Entry Transaction Processing
Geography: Domestic
Type of Work: Data entry from the forms provided by the client to be entered in to the electronic format.
Quality: 95%, monitoring on daily basis
TAT : Daily Basis (Working Window 12 Hours)
Billing: 30 days wire transfer
Delivery : Upload of data on daily basis, Backup to be sent on periodic basis.
Tenure: Minimum of 12 months on achieving TAT and Quality.
This project can be done anywhere in India.
Commercials : 25 seats work, 6 lakhs turnover per month for 25 seats , 2years contract, 4 lakhs one time payment on sign up.
Scanning process

we need only manpower in my client location and process available in major city’s of india.
No of seats. 25
client gives 800 to 1000 pages per day per seats
turn over is 10 -12 lakhs / month per page Rs 5 /- is paid project to be done at client site in major cities.
contract period 1 year

In designing:-

simple:- 45 Rs, /page
complex:- 55 Rs
quark in latex

Art work

simple;- 20
complex-25 and 30
4colour art 85Rs/page

Math type Equation;- 1.5 Rs/equation,
proof reading:- 7Rs/page

keying; 7Rs/1000 char

XML:- 8Rs/page

copy editing 25Rs/page(as Pc Chicago manual)

Power point Slide:- 10Rs /slide

Scanning;- 8 Rs/page.
Nature of work – Converting files in English, Checking spelling, Data Entry on portal
Seats – 400
Seats Division - min. 100 seats one place
Work Type- Forms will be in Chinese first convert into English on company portal Than checking spelling mistake , Grammar , Bold , Italic , Header & Footer , paragraph than typing all correct information on another portal of company .
Average forms per seat – 60-100
Payout – 18 rs.
Payment cycle – 15 days
Contract period – 3 years
Accuracy – 100%
Company should have min. 3 years work experience of non voice with all documents.
70% of team members should have min. 6 months experience of non voice.
Company last 1 year bank statement.
5 days training from bank
Technical work will be done by bank people it self
All software given by bank executive.
NOTE OF HAND - It will be direct sign up from the bank center needs to afford convince of 2 people from Beijing and the accommodation for 5 days.
Charges 30 lakhs per 100 seats payable by 10 % advance and bal by 90 days l/c only all going charges to china to be borne by the center.


Medical Form Filling

Offline Data Entry
To Enter Data In The Given Software.
Data Processing Software Will Be Provided.
Payouts: INR 12-14 Per Form.
Accuracy Required: Minimum 96-97%
QC Reporting: Within 6 Working Days After Work Submission.
Pay Cycle: Monthly 7-10 days After QC Report.
Working Hours: Work 24/7.
Seats: 1 Slot = 10 Seats
Work Load: 3500 Forms Per Agent Per Month.
Database: Would Be Provided via FTP and EMAIL
Training: Online Training Provided,
Start Of Work:
The Center Needs To Pay 2,50,000 as a Security deposit. 1.5 LAKHS ON SIGN UP
The Center will start with the DEMO, which will be for a week.
The Center Would Be Only Considered For The Project After The Successful QC of Demo Work.
2,00,000 will be deducted in the First Billing against Service charges. This will be a ONE time Charge.
After Successful Validation, The Demo Work Payments Has To Be Made.
You Would Then Receive The Demo Work. The Training Would Be Provided For The Same.
After The Successful QC For The Demo Work, You Sign The Contract And Start The Work.
Duration Of The Contract Would Be 11 months And extended Further Multiplied Depending On The Performance.
Sign up with the End client:- consultancy applicable
Data entry:- US
1.2$/ form total 29-32 entries should be made in online software,
2500-3000 forms /month/PC
Total 120 seats center should have capacity to execute the process, under one roof
20% advance based on center audit and technical capability,
Billing monthly,
Letter of credit provided upon request from the center
Sign up procedure:-
Approval of center profile
Submission of documents and certifications as well proposal and execution plan
Approval from the client
Pay the charges
Sign the SLA
Start with training
Live start of the process,
CHARGES : 30,000/- PER SEAT IN LOTS OF 50/50 20 ONLY

Australian data processing process:
Scanning-conversion-xml-HTML and data entry in particular software as well same client has inbound process:
RATE:- negotiated as work load is huge we need to give them good proposal,
5 years contract
20% advance
Total value of the process is 85 Cr for non voice
Sign up procedure”:-
Approval of the profile
Submission of all documents
Submission of proposal conf call with the client
Meeting with the client for discussion at there premises in Australia
Sign up of SLA
Live start

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Dear Sir/Mam,
I am Haridas V from Coimbatore. Now i am looking for non voice project with weekly payout and with or without upfront. So u have any these type of project pls send the details to my mail id bcscbe.hr@gmail.com
Dear Sir,
Please send all the details with payout structure of your first project as mentioned above
mail id:- d.s.enterprices2@gmail.com

Swapnil singh
I am interested in Health Care Form Filling project. I have 10 seater center. kindly mail me tanishkainfotech08@gmail.com
Dear Mr. Mujeeb,

If you are so confident about the billing, then why don't you deduct your consultancy and upfront charges from the billing.

With Regards,
yes very good idea and good suggestion ,for that i am very great ful to you harsha , thanks a lot .
if you agree about the project first then adjustment and negotiations part will be introduced as per business norms ,so if you think that you are in any project then you can proceed your queries and commercial terms discussion ,so please welcome to our offfice any time for discussion for any process loaded on this page .

thanks and regards
can you please send me the more details about the same at vishalmhow@gmail.com

Skype :- vishwati

We are looking for Non-Voice Projects.

Please email me the details about the Projects Available.

Abhishek Tripathi
Business Development Head
ACube Tech Solutions (A Joint Venture of Ashish & Ashish Group)
Lucknow, UP (India)
Contact No. +91 945 063 7315
Email: acubetechsolutions@gmail.com ; mailto.abhishekt@gmail.com
Hi All,

My Firm is today working out on 4 projects of 20 FTE's each...... We have good scalability and resources available.... If there are any projects which do not require any Upfront then please do contact +91- 9901481111.
we can work out on alternate billing based financials
Alternatively you can also check our Website www.stratdinc.com and mail me @ anil.suvarna@stratdinc.com or mukund.mukesh@stratdinc.com


Dear Sir, pls email me the details for the first project.
pls sir send me details of ur 1st project avilash.avilash@gmail.com
plz send me full details of this project asap at kites.connect@gmail.com

thank u
I am interested in Health Care Form Filling project. I have 40 seater center. kindly mail me koti14303@gmail.com


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