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Hot subject: BPO company - how to start and run it?

I have decided to open this discussion as many of you have contacted me asking questions about establishing a BPO/KPO company or getting projects for an existing company. I would like to summarize some questions in this post to help people dealing with similar problems.

Sumit, a computer engineer from Pune wants to establish a BPO or a KPO company and has asked for advice. I have suggested him, first to define his strengths, analyze, what the potential customers are looking for and to try to match the needs with his expertise. I have also suggested to begin with 2-3 small projects: offering them for a very good price (or even free). They will be needed to be completed as good as only possible to get references which he needs applying for further projects. I have also recommended to take care of good, long-term relationship with the customers, offering them good quality, keeping the deadlines and - if necessary - offering assistance after completing of the project: it is 8 times more difficult (and expensive!) to gain a new customer than to keep the old one.
While starting the own business, you should talk to people who have their own companies to gain some experience. Visit some institutions as the chamber of commerce and get known if you are eligible to get a support while starting your own business and what criteria should be fullfilled.

Sadesh, a company owner from Trichy wants to get some projects without having to spend money upfront. I have suggested him to perceive his business in both: operative and strategic perspective. I have given him some advice how he can get the projects in a short-term perspective, however, I have also advised to take care of the long-term dimension. More to this subject see:
How to get BPO projects?

Shaik, an MBA student from Hyderabad, has asked how to start a BPO company. Before starting it, he wants to be good informed which is a proper way. I have adviced him to define the objectives, identify his strengths and the measures to achieve the objectives. I have also suggested to use the Internet as a powerful medium for developing the business. I have also given him some hyperlinks of websites dealing with projects, some chambers of commerce and other organizations supporting business. More to this topic:
How to start a BPO company?

I will be happy to hear from other people interested in the self-employment topic.

Best regards

Magdalena Szarafin

P.S. These are also interesting links for you:
Indisch-deutsches Software Competence Netzwerk (Indescon)

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Magdalena Szarafin

hi mam/sir

My name is Naresh, i studying b.com 3rd year i want start a bpo company, i have little bit idea about bpo but i have some doubts could you please give suggestions for that those are:
how to register a bpo company ?
can i recruit the staff after getting a project?
i am new guy is there any objections to start?
thank you,


A year ago a center would receive six or more process outlines a week. Since the economic downturn not only has this number dropped but so has the quality of process on offer. What appears not to have changed is the expectation of the center.

In answer to the question "What sort of process are you looking for?" almost all centers regardless of size or experience will tell you "We want an inbound customer support process."

Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, such processes rarely come onto the open market, and if they do there is a good chance that a middle man has put a hefty price ticket on it.

Yes you can get the process you are looking for, but that requires business development, and business development costs money.

I think the message for anyone considering starting a center has to be 'know where your clients are coming from before you start.'

Hello Mam,
My name is saranya 23yrs old.I'm running a BPO for past 3 years once i completed my UG i have started BPO, Initially when i start it was good and i got genuine projects and now lot of clients with fake projects charging in lakhs in the name of upfront and service charges but i dont know what to do and for last 1 year i'm struggling with the same problem.But i dont like to wind it up and sit in home simply please give me your valuable advice what can i do right now.Waiting for your favourable reply.
Hi There

This is Nimit from Dial Mantra ( Delhi, INDIA ).

While searching up for some more business opportunities I
came across your companies website and gave a thought to
write you.

We are into call center industry since last 6 years with a
strong presence in setting up predictive dialer for call
centers across India. So now looking to expand our business
in more verticals.

Please spare few minutes and have a look to our website
which could tell you more about us.We are assuming that we
can get some back office work like Data Mining, Data Entry
(Offline/Online), Data Conversion, Form Filling, sales Inbound/
Outbound Services etc. work of that nature.

Please send me all the details about your outsourcing
business model terms and anything you think is needed to
make things work.

Hope to see your reply soon.

Nimit Jain
Business Development


DialMantra is the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost solution to

developing a world class Contact Center System – without large

upfront costs on hardware or software. DialMantra is a

comprehensive suite of applications including:

Complete GUI based interface and operation
Predictive Dialing
Answering Machine Detection (upto 90%)
Music On Hold
Voice Recording and retrieval
Three-way Calling
Call Back Scheduler
Complete Software based solution
Call Snooping
Call Barging
Live Monitoring
Agent Quality Management
Web Based Reporting Query Engine
Call History
Simultaneous Inbound/Outbound Calling
Local and Remote Call Agents
Call Detail Records
Call Queuing (Inbound)
Web-based Administration
Multiple campaigns and lead sets
Full Featured A.C.D.
Powerful Reporting
Web Control Panel
Realtime Queue Stats (Inbound)
Call Parking
Conference Bridge
Blind Transfer
Call Forward on No Answer
Multiple VoIP Gateways
Call Hunting
Call Conference
Call Transfer
Voice Mail
Call forwarding
Barge In
Admin Console
Use as Intra office PBX
Use as IP PBX
Use as Multilocation
Compatible with E1
Campaign Selection while Sign in for Multiple Campaigns
Script Integration
Campaign Wise CRM Pop up and scripting
Campaign wise Dispositions
TPV or Third Party Verification
Hold or Unhold Self-Other-Self or Away
Call Scheduling
Agent Call Transfer
Remote Login

Please feel free to contact

Nimit Jain
Business Development
Meridium Technologies PVT LTD

The common problem any call center will face will be around

Technology challenges, especially connecting to the U.S./UK;
Recruiting, training and retaining staff;
Market development (For getting new clients);
Cash flow (to sustain the period of no-profitability );
Location factors; and
Management issues.

One need to zero in all these factors before starting a call center anywhere
Hi Szarafin,
I am Eughene Mascarenhas, representing Megha Infosoft, Bangalore, India. I have been reading through your various posts and found that you are a knowledge mine. I come from a strong BPO background and am now helping my close friend in establishing a BPO company, which is in Process. It would be great if you could help in getting some genuine and long term BPO projects for our company. Please do let me know.

Thanks and Regards,
Eughene Mascarenhas,
Operations Manager,
Megha Infosoft Pvt Ltd,
Bangalore, India.

hi sir/mam,

my name is Naresh i am studying B.com final year after completion of my studies i have a interest to start a BPO business. i have little bit of knowledge about BPO's please give me some suggestions
how to get projects without upfront fee?
how to manage the staff?



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