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Process Details for Outbound calls:- Call to the customer and ask if
they are having any problems in their computer like genuine windows
operating system, original antivirus software or any spam filter or
mal-ware who is attacking their computer. If their computer is
operating slow or any software which is not working? Convince them to
purchase our service pack for 1 year to provide all computer
maintenance services for 1 year with minimum charges.

Service pack:- $160, $220 & $400 (to be charged from customers)

No seat to start:- 10

Database:- calling date will be provided by us

Requirement:- inbound number with minimum 3 lines at initial stage to
solve problem of the customer online.

Payment to be charged online from the customer before starting the services.

Payout:- $50, $70 and $100 Or 25% of payout and $3 per hour for inbound support

System requirement:- p.dialer, inbound number, and standard computer system.

Process Terminal and another things will be provided by the client.

Signup directly with client

Charges:- no upfront

Training & data charges are be taken for one time after that free service.


Nature of Process: Outbound Telemarketing B2B Process

Basics of the Process: Dial outbound call to the company talk to their marketing department and talk about the services you provide, Take the email address of concern person and send details to them through email Follow up that person and convince them about our product and services.

Number of seats: Min. 10

Payout: 3$ per seat per hour

Sales payout: $200 per sale (incentive)

Payment Cycle: 15 days

Payment Guarantee:- LC/BG provided of $30000 to $33000

Workload: 100 calls need to be connected per agent per day.

Product training will be provided.
Leads will be provided

Its Tire1, Tire 2 and Tire 3 process

+91 917 346 0237
WEBSITE: www.prplsoft.com

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